Music Video Release Today! (and other cool stuff)

Today, we will be releasing the music video for 'You Never Leave"!  I am so excited, mainly because we were able to capture some really beautiful shots with the drone flying over - it looks pretty cool!

I'm also excited about all the positive feedback I have been getting in messages and emails from you guys. It is great to know that it is helping people and that the music is such a blessing to so many. 

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the song and shared it with friends! Each download means we will be able to help even more families throughout that mountains!

We will be taping in Nashville, TN on Tuesday and in August, GA on Wednesday, then we have an outreach event in Matoaka, WV on Saturday, so it is going to be an exciting week! I will try to go live on Facebook for as much of it as possible, I love having my friends with me everywhere I go! Our ministry is definitely a community of believers who have come together for one purpose - the Kingdom of God. I know you see me out front a lot, but none of this is possible without all of us working together!

Speaking of TV, we are making a lot of progress with our new broadcast center that is being built at our facility in North Wilkesboro! Many of you know, a few months ago we began a weekly broadcast on Dove Broadcasting. This new broadcast center will allow us to share the gospel with even more people as we are able to film at our own facility which will help us do more episodes in a shorter amount of time. Please, keep praying for our broadcast - we are hoping to expand to more channels and networks in the months ahead. God is moving!!

Lastly - God is just so good. I am constantly reminded in my life how God really does never leave us or forsake us. He is always there to help us and to see us through. Be encouraged that God has his eye on your situation and that even though you may not see anything happening right now, He is working behind the scenes getting everything ready. He has a good plan for you!

God bless you and I hope you enjoy the music video for "You Never Leave"!


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